Óscar A. Montiel | I don't know what I am yet

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Óscar A. Montiel

Hola, dicen que soy Óscar

It's metaphysically hard to describe myself—I believe those who say they "truly" know themselves are lying! For some I am a son, a brother, a friend. For the ex-gf I'm the ex-bf—for those with unrequited love for me I'm the platonic soul. For others I'm a co-worker, a payroll. Also a student, a master, an idiot. For the government I'm a number, for the bank I'm a debtor. In the future I could be a father, even a hobo (thanks AI), or maybe a doctor. Before I was born I was an angel. And, when I die, I'll be dead!

So, have I been, and will be, someone or something for all eternity?

Honestly, I don't know. The only thing I know is that I need to Be whatever I want (or can) to truly exist. If I like to make music, does that makes me a musician? If I like to do video-poems, does that makes me an artist? If I like to create fun websites & cool stuff, does that makes me interesting?

Probably the world is a just giant Theater with simultaneous plays and actors everywhere.

For Capitalism, I'm a another proletariat software engineer, specialized in full-stack web development—if you're interested on my services, please take a look at my utility card.

I really like to know new things each day—I keep track of some of them in this Notion page: Filotecas. If you're interested in me, please, experience myself, and I may experience yourself too.

Photo by Mario Cruz