Thoughts about creating my new website.

I’ve been prolonging my desire to write (I like to write a lot) concisely these weeks, but normally time doesn’t permits me to write as consciously as I really want. First of all, I’ve been thinking in which language I should write these posts, and as you can see I’ve decided for english.


There shouldn’t be any doubt about the why since everybody, professionally, talks in english, right? Well, it was kind of a hard decision for me since I really love spanish; it feels so rich and diverse, filled with the exact words for the exact emotions. So I’ll needed to find a balance… Some posts will be in english and others in spanish :~). This one, for foreign newcomers (and recruiters), will be, as you read, in english.

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The purpose of this post is mainly to explain a bit about how this new website came to be, as well as its own challenges and learnings. My previous site,, was made like 5 years ago with the technologies I knew (and were available), exactly Jekyll, a static-site generator based on Ruby. It was a pain to use since it wasn’t that easy to install everything it required to work in Windows (I still use W10, but got experience eventually with Ubuntu and Macs). I’m really proud of what I did.

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What I loved is that it really showed my personality, something I’ve been trying to always do in any project I make by/for myself. Of course working on teams is something great when everyone is in the same frequency, so, in those cases, I contribute pieces of me to create a greater, collective whole.


Technology evolves at a sometimes annoying pace…

So, here it is, v2, or actually…

This new site has tons of new features and technologies underneath. Mainly, React which is the laureate UI library (tho, its creator says it is more of a runtime), and Gatsby, which is a quite easy to use website generator based on it. How much time will React reign? Dunno, technology evolves t a higher rate these days, so I’ll just stick up with whatever I find useful.

I also got quite a lot of interest for 3D and multimedia in the web lately. In fact, I wish to pursue projects that involve them (hit me up, client). Hence, I’m using react-three-fiber, a reconciler for React that unites the power of three.js with React. Also that’s the reason for the .xyz subdomain (and also because it is quite cheap).

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Since I already got my professional/business email within the scope (, I think I’ll need to keep it for the rest of my life. That’s why I’ll keep as a gallery of experiments/projects/ideas I come up with, while in post some of them + words describing the whys. I’m also keeping the previous incarnation of Animanoir web presence in their, if you wanna check it.

So, for now it is mostly what I wanted to say. Thank you for reading until the end. Feel free to contact me at or